Woodsfield woman sentenced for cruelty to animals | News, Sports, Jobs

WOODSFIELD — Davee Ridgeway will serve time in prison after pleading guilty to three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty Monday in Monroe County Court.

Ridgeway, 21, of Lickskillet Road, Woodsfield was immediately sentenced after pleading.

The judge sentenced her to a year in prison with a six-month suspended sentence, which means she will serve six months behind bars, according to Assistant District Attorney Helen Yonak.

Additionally, Ridgeway will be on probation for five years and prohibited from owning animals or residing in a home with anyone who owns animals for five years.

Yonak said the judge gave him time to file a notice at his workplace. She is scheduled to report to Monroe County Jail on February 21.

The misdemeanor charges date back to earlier this year when Ridgeway’s two dogs were discovered in poor condition and needed medical attention. Yonak said the dogs were without food or heat.

“She (Ridgeway) had contacted someone (a volunteer at a local animal shelter) because her dogs were sick and there was no heat in her house. When they came to pick up the dogs they hadn’t been fed and one of them had apparently eaten a bunch of socks from the laundry room which was clogging his intestines, Yonak said.

Authorities were contacted after the shelter volunteer witnessed the condition of the animals.

The dog that had an intestinal obstruction died, while the other dog received veterinary care and survived.

Yonak said Ridgeway signed his animal rights to the shelter. The surviving dog is adopted.

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