Woman charged in UP puppy mill case breached bond by getting another dog

ROCK, MI – A woman accused of running a “horrendous” puppy mill in the Upper Peninsula was in court this week after authorities were told she breached her bond by getting a dog she owned. intention to raise.

Rebecca Johnson, of Rock, was sentenced to one month in jail after being found guilty of violating her bail conditions on Tuesday, Feb. 22, Michigan State Police said in a news release.

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In August 2020, Private Lisa Kanyuh of MSP Gladstone Post began investigating animal cruelty, involving dogs and horses, at a residence in Rock. Authorities quickly seized 69 puppies, 66 adult dogs and 18 horses from the property. Several female dogs were pregnant and had litters while in the care of Delta County Animal Shelter – over 100 puppies were born. In total, more than 250 animals were rescued.

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Johnson was arraigned on animal cruelty charges in Delta County’s 94th District Court in August 2020. The case was remanded to Delta County’s 11th Circuit Court for a jury trial in May 2022. Johnson was released on bail pending his court appearance. .

In January, Kanyuh received information from the Delta County Animal Shelter and the Negaunee Vet Clinic that Johnson had brought a dog with the intention of breeding it, police said. These actions are a direct violation of the terms of his bond.

A bail breach hearing was held in the 11th Circuit Court on February 22. Johnson was found guilty and sentenced to one month in the Delta County Jail, police said.

Upon release, Johnson’s bail condition will be that she cannot care for, care for, possess or reside with anyone who has pets or animals and will be subject to search at any time by law enforcement until his jury trial in May, police said.


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