Where is Jeff Lowe’s wife today? Tiger King Update

Netflix’s 2020 offering, “Tiger King,” was a glimpse into the shady world of the exotic cat trade and roadside zoos. The docuseries have asked the creators to follow a motley team running an exotic zoo, highlighting personal feuds and pay-for-murder plots. Now the show is back for a five-part second season and, surprisingly, with more of the same. Jeff and Lauren Lowe, who arrived in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and ultimately took over the zoo from Joe Exotic, are also featured in this season. So let’s find out more about Lauren, okay?

The Tiger King’s Journey by Lauren Lowe

In the first season, Joe’s financial struggles paved the way for Jeff and Lauren Lowe to enter the scene. After a seemingly suspicious fire at the zoo, the couple invested their money, which complicated things from there. Eventually, Joe handed over ownership of the GW Zoo to Jeff and Lauren. However, things have only seen a downward trend since.

When the show aired in 2020, the zoo was struggling to make money because of the pandemic. The loss of a viable source of income meant that it was difficult to care for the animals housed there. In June 2020, Carole Baskin obtained ownership of the zoo in her previous lawsuit against Joe Exotic. As a result, Jeff and Lauren were instructed to move the animals to another property and vacate the premises. This culminated in their plan to create the Tiger King Zoo in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

Around the same time, the couple claimed to have signed up for a new reality show that reportedly chronicles the move, their daily life at the zoo, and their relationship with Joe. Lauren added, “I’m just showing the animals going from small enclosures to larger enclosures. We just want to put a brighter light on things because everyone wants to put a horrible light on roadside zoos. zoo is off of a road. Jeff also stated that they had an excellent reputation with the USDA and Fish and Game divisions.

But in September 2020, the USDA suspended Jeff’s zookeeper license for failing to provide proper veterinary care to the zoo animals. In March 2021, Jeff was rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke at an Oklahoma casino. Lauren suspected at the time that her husband had been poisoned. Subsequently, multiple inspections at the Thackerville enclosure revealed mistreatment of the animals, which led the government to transfer them to another facility. Among other things, Lauren and her husband have been accused of not providing proper food and shelter for animals.

Where’s Lauren Lowe now?

The closure of the Thackerville pen caused further problems for Lauren. A government official accused her of making death threats against him and other non-specific threats against her children. The Lowes also claimed that some officials who investigated the case manipulated them into putting Joe in jail. In June 2021, Jeff and Lauren were both arrested on suspicion of impaired driving. Authorities say they first saw Lauren on the driver’s side before Jeff took over. For now, Lauren seems to be spending time with Jeff and their child.

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