What happened to Lennie after season 4

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Thore has dated a few men in her life, and fans are wondering what happened to Lennie after Season 4 ended.

Like My big fabulous life Fans will remember, Whitney Way Thore dated Lennie Alehat in Season 4, and it’s time to talk about what he’s been up to lately. The painter won over viewers with his kind attitude and sincere love for Whitney. Unfortunately, the two couldn’t make things work, leaving their followers wondering what happened to Lennie.

Lennie actually starred in seasons two, three, and four and has become extremely popular over the past season. He was introduced as a commissioned artist who wanted to paint Whitney’s portrait. When they met in 2016, the duo seemed to have great chemistry, and they even remained friendly after an alleged cheating scandal ended their relationship. Whitney has always praised the entertainer, noting that he just wasn’t for her but was always supportive, even after being separated for 2.5 years.


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Lennie has remained very active on his Instagram, where he often posts updates regarding his artwork. My big fabulous life viewers last saw Lennie in 2018, on MTV Catfish, after a woman he was talking to online wanted to verify that she was talking to the reality star. Since his last television appearance, Lenny threw himself into work, including tattoo artist duties. Lennie updates his followers with “work in progress” pieces and even completed projects. Lennie’s last masterpieces were couples.

Lennie also recently revealed that he adopted a dog from a puppy mill. Just like Whitney, the painter adopted a standard poodle named Waldo. It’s unclear if Waldo and Neeshi ever had a playdate, but My big fat fabulous fans would definitely find this encounter cute. Lennie is also on a health kick, which includes a sobriety course. The TLC reality star has lost weight and looks better than ever, and he showed off the results by posting photos of his growing muscles. When Lennie isn’t busy creating masterpieces, he can often be found with his family members, including his new nephew. He was also spotted at sporting events and competed in some extreme sports in 2019.

Even though Whitney and Lennie may have called it quits a while back, fans recently saw him pop up in the latest season of My big fabulous life, when Whitney left Charlotte. Being the nice man that Lennie is, he reached out to the dancer after her devastating breakup with Chase Severino. The two friends have made it up, but there doesn’t seem to be any sparks since Whitney is now dating a Frenchman and Lennie is happily single.

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