West Michigan retailer promises ‘well-stocked’ turkeys at just 33 a pound

Meijer, based in western Michigan, is trying to ease fears of a turkey shortage for Thanksgiving.

The retailer announced this week that they would not only be “well stocked” with birds for Thanksgiving, but also lowering the price of the Thanksgiving favorite to just 33 cents a pound for their Meijer-brand frozen turkeys.

Additionally, Meijer says they carry a wide range of small and large birds to accommodate any size of gathering.

The retailer offers a wide selection of turkeys; including fresh, frozen, organic and antibiotic-free birds to meet individual household preferences. Meijer brand fresh turkeys cost 99 cents per pound and Butterball fresh turkeys cost $ 1.99 per pound.

There is a limit of two per customer on all fresh and frozen turkeys and the offer is valid until November 27.

Many families are set to reunite in large groups for the holiday season for the first time since the pandemic began in 2020.

Don Sanderson, vice president of the Foods group at Meijer, says they’re trying to help bring back a sense of normalcy this Thanksgiving:

Our top priority is delivering value to our customers this holiday season. This Thanksgiving will be important to many of our customers as they return to more “normal” traditions, and we want to make it easier to celebrate this return by providing an affordable turkey for every gathering.

For families who prefer not to cook, Meijer also takes orders for its pre-made warmth and serves Thanksgiving dinners.

Customers can order dinners at their Meijer deli counter or by calling before Tuesday 23 November.

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