US VetDogs Seeking Puppy Breeders for New Jersey Veterans

TRENTON, NJ (CBS) — There’s a push to find volunteers who are willing to train puppies in New Jersey. These puppies will eventually help people like veterans and first responders in a big way.

Calling all puppy lovers. There is an urgent need for volunteer puppy raisers in the Trenton, New Jersey area. You will have an important role to play in the life of a service dog for someone in need.

“We are looking for puppy breeders for our future service puppies for America’s VetDogs and the Guide Dog Foundation,” said Lorin Bruzzese, Puppy Program Manager at America’s VetDogs.

America’s VetDogs, a national nonprofit that provides specially trained guide dogs to veterans and first responders with disabilities, is looking for puppy breeders. Puppy raisers welcome a dog into their home at 8 weeks old and raise them for at least a year before they are returned to the organization, officially trained, and placed in their forever home.

“We rely on our volunteers to provide the puppies with basic training and socialization,” Bruzzese said, “and we do a lot of confidence building and basic obedience training during the first year of dog training. ‘a puppy with our organizations.’

No prior dog training is necessary, and the organization provides puppy counselors to help volunteers along their journey.

America’s VetDogs also covers the cost of all necessities, including veterinary care.

Volunteers are only responsible for the food, which is often generously donated.

Organizers say the benefits are endless when it comes to changing the lives of a dog and a person in need.

“Truly, it’s a phenomenal experience for someone who has a visual impairment or other disability to be paired with a dog who is not only a very loving companion, but has skills that really make an impact. on the independence of that person,” Bruzzese said.