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Break in

LAURINBURG – The Scottish County Sheriff’s Office has responded to the highway. 74 at kilometer terminal 179 in reference to a vehicle burglary on Friday. The owner of the vehicle told MPs the vehicle broke down so it was left overnight, but when the owner returned the vehicle was broken into and two pairs of Jordan shoes were taken away.

LAURINBURG – A resident of Lee’s Mill Road reported to police on Friday that strangers broke into the residence and stole an assortment of bed boards, clothes, medicine, three cell phone charges, two 55 inch televisions, two lawn mowers and an assortment of glass screens. case. There was no sign of the break-in.

LAURINBURG – A resident of Ross Street reported to the sheriff’s office on Friday that their vehicle had been broken into, but they had no idea what had been taken.

LAURINBURG – A Terrace Circle resident reported to police on Friday that someone had broken into his vehicle forcing entry through the passenger’s back door. Nothing was reported missing.

WAGRAM – A Riverton Road resident reported to the sheriff’s office on Saturday that someone broke into a building and stole a chainsaw, weed killer, leaf blower, electric hedge trimmer, gas hedge trimmer and gasoline cans.

LAURINBURG – Kingdom Church reported to police on Sunday that someone broke into the church by breaking through the back door and stole a speaker, blender and two bags of lanyards.


LAURINBURG – A Shaw Road resident reported to police on Saturday that strangers had stolen packages containing women’s clothing from their front porch.

LAURINBURG – A Beta Street resident reported to the police on Saturday that someone had stolen their 2004 Dodge Neon.

LAURINBURG – A Laurinburg resident reported to police on Sunday that he had sold a pitbull puppy through CashApp and after the sale, the suspect retracted the purchase on the app.


LAURINBURG – Police responded to the Morgan complex on Saturday after it was reported that the toilets, urinals and sinks in both bathrooms had been damaged in the park.


LAURINBURG – Tony Malloy, 51, of Hasty Road was arrested on Friday for failure to appear in Scotland County. He received a deposit of $ 250.

LAURINBURG – Donnie Bethea, 64, of West Croly Street was arrested on Sunday for failing to appear in Scotland on charges of assaulting a woman and pointing a gun. He received a $ 500 bond.

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