Two months left to save the kittens by donating to Scruffy Paws

A Rhode Island organization with an inspiring mission is facing a crisis and needs help from the community.

Tabby kitten. Getty Images.

Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue, a Rhode Island Monthly Winner of the 2021 Best of Rhode Island for Animal Rescue Organization, provides abandoned, unwanted and stray animals with food, shelter, veterinary care and the opportunity to be adopted into a loving home. Over the past twelve months, Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue has housed 361 kittens / cats while helping other organizations with their pets pre- and post-operation. The building in which this organization is currently located is a space shared with PAAWS RI, an animal shelter in Warwick. PAAWS RI veterinarian Dr. Annette Rauch has been kind enough to give Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue access to critical veterinary resources for animals.

The impact of COVID-19 has hampered Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue in several ways: volunteers couldn’t come and help, supplies and cash donations stopped arriving, countless litters of kittens were born, veterinary procedures have been suspended, all leading to the building’s lease expiring in December.

To save the facility and services, they are raising funds that will continue to enable them to rehabilitate themselves and find homes for kittens / cats forever. Donations go directly to a permanent home for Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue. Any amount donated will help save this organization and save the lives of kittens / cats who have nowhere to go.

To donate visit the Scruffy Paws fundraising page here. For more information on Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue, visit or email [email protected]


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