Tulsa SPCA cares for dozens of dogs rescued from breeder Ada

At a party that celebrates freedom, poodles Trina and Sherbert finally experience it. The Tulsa SPCA is their new temporary home after being rescued from a Pontotoc County rancher last week.

“The coats were so tangled. It was just awful,” said Mindy Tiner of the Tulsa SPCA. Photos shared on the SPCA’s Facebook page show the dogs’ deplorable living conditions until the Oklahoma Animal Alliance stepped in to help following a call from the Pontotoc County Sheriff about possible cruelty and animal neglect.

While several dogs were already dead, more than 70 were still alive, most covered in their own feces and urine. “We had a dog, her front legs were tangled, she couldn’t move her front legs,” Tiner said.

The Oklahoma Animal Alliance contacted the Tulsa SPCA for help because they thought they would only help 15 dogs. When they got there, they realized that number was closer to 70. Tiner said the OAA would only contact them in serious or unusual circumstances.

“It’s really good that we got these dogs out of the situation they are in and were able to start providing care.” Part of this care includes deworming, grooming, surgery, and treating each dog with a preventative to kill ticks and fleas.

“There are actually a few dogs that are actually doing better, Tiner added. She estimates it will cost a thousand dollars to treat each dog, and with 65 dogs needing help, that adds up. They’ve raised nearly $34,000 so far, but still need donations like collars, harnesses and leashes.

“There have been a lot of tears shed, and the staff will tell you that the last few nights back home have been difficult. But now the tears that are shed are more tears of joy seeing these animals in a better situation. .”

Tiner said she couldn’t comment on what happened to the rancher since the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating.

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