Tulsa SPCA asks for volunteers and donations after ‘puppy mill’ surrender – 102.3 KRMG

TULSA, Okla. – The Tulsa SPCA and Oklahoma Alliance for Animals are asking for volunteers and donations after helping with a mass surrender of breeders earlier this week.

The Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance after investigating a case in Ada where 75 large live dogs were found on property, the Tulsa SPCA said. Carcasses were also found on the property.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals stepped in to help, as did the Tulsa SPCA.

The Tulsa SPCA made room to help provide emergency medical care and housing for 64 of the dogs and assisted with transportation from the site, the Tulsa SPCA said.

Another group of 13 dogs were transported to the OAA’s veterinary partner.

“The conditions for the dogs are – simply – horrendous,” the Tulsa SPCA said. “They are extremely tangled. They are covered with feces and urine. And almost all dogs suffer from anemia linked to truly incomprehensible infestations of fleas, ticks and maggots.

Several dogs are receiving advanced medical treatment due to severe blood loss and unfortunately one had to be humanely euthanized due to his condition, the Tulsa SPCA said.

“The dogs were from what we believe to be a licensed breeder of a situation that can only be described by a puppy mill,” the Tulsa SPCA said. “They lived, ate, drank, slept and bred in warm little enclosures in their own filth.”

Now the Tulsa SPCA is asking for help as they work to deal with rescues.

VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers are needed to clean, feed and socialize the dogs. Many have had very little human interaction and have no concept of a leash or friendly human contact. If you can volunteer your time to help these poor puppies, email [email protected]

FOSTERS: If you are able to become a foster family, please email [email protected] to be directed to the appropriate documents to get started.

FINANCIAL DONATIONS: The dogs are all going to need intensive medical care and grooming, which will be very expensive. OAA and Tulsa SPCA raise funds to help cover all medical care for dogs. Donations will be combined and used to cover costs associated with both organizations. Any additional funds raised from the cost of caring for these dogs will go to other animals in need. Donate using the button below or donate on the website at https://tulsaspca.org/donate/ – In the comments section on the donation form, add “hoarding” so we know your donation should be used for this purpose.

DEPOSIT DONATIONS: Given the conditions of dogs, heavy duty/high quality grooming blades and clippers are required. The mat breaks poor quality clippers or blades. Other items needed: poo scoops, 3-5 quart buckets of water (preferably stainless steel), medium/large martingale collars, medium/large front clip harness, large metal bowls, hoses and sprayers, food Purina One Dog Dryer, Purina One. canned puppy food and paper towels. If you have any to give, drop them off during Tulsa SPCA hours of operation (or email [email protected] for more information).