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Emilie Heyl

Posted on 11/04/2021, 7:00 PM

Elfie, Uno, Bea, Peggy, OJ and Theo: these are the names of very particular healers at the Oroville veterinary clinic. And do you know what is most special about them? They are all cats! Indeed, these 6 cats took up residence at the clinic after being rescued from the street. Most of them arrived with serious injuries.

Today, hospital cats play a very important role in the clinic: they help patients and their owners to feel better.

A great help for many

At the veterinary clinic, health professionals, patients and visitors can count on the club of 6 in all circumstances: “We all take care of them throughout the day with love and hugs, and our customers absolutely adore them. They have been very therapeutic for our clients and for usSaid Crystal, a veterinary technician at the animal hospital.

If someone is feeling sad? Theo, the Comforter will sit on their knees. A problem in the hallway? Elfie, the security chief will help you. OJ prefers to play the doorman and greet everyone. Uno, the babysitter, watches over the puppies and kittens. As for the youngest Peggy, her human colleagues nicknamed her the “intern”.

And then there’s Bea, the nanny at the head of the department. This gentle feline is used to making daily rounds, in order to offer companionship to other animals. Curious, attentive and gentle, she approaches the patients and stretches a paw between the bars of their cubicle.

She is always so curious and so sweet,Crystal told Dodo. “She loves to approach them and often puts her hand slowly to check them. Often she will even stroke them.

Béa and her companions ensure the proper functioning of the veterinary clinic. If anyone needs service during the day, they know who to contact!

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