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Volunteers are essential to the continued success of the SPCA in Cattaraugus County. With the ever-changing parade of animals entering the shelter, many of whom are lost, sick or abandoned, there simply aren’t enough staff to do all that is needed.

The staff take care of maintaining the shelter, feeding the animals, welcoming visitors and showing them potential adopters and many other tasks taking care of up to 50 dogs and over 100 cats.

The SPCA has been very fortunate to have exceptional volunteers who have stepped up to help take some of the workload on their shoulders. It’s impossible to name them all at once, but this article will shed light on couples who volunteer to help animals in need. A wonderful way to contribute to the community and have fun together at the same time.

MIMI & STU SMITH: They are at the heart of everyone’s concerns these days as these amazing volunteers have just moved to Philadelphia to be close to their families. This is a huge loss for the SPCA and for the community at large as they have been tireless and essential to improving the entire organization.

The loss of Olean will be the gain of Philadelphia, as they will surely find animals in need there and bring their aid donations to a new shelter.

Shelter Manager Jason Berube speaks for everyone in his summary of Mimi and Stu’s contribution.

“Mimi helped facilitate and transport at least 60 animals from the spay and neuter program to the vet, delivering them early in the day and picking them up after surgery,” Jason said. “She has helped transport animals to and from Alfred State College, providing attentive care to animals in need and giving their medical students the responsibility of working with animals and ensuring a future generation of animals. animal care professionals. “

He said Mimi has facilitated and transported countless animals to Veterinary Care of Cuba, Haskell Valley, Operation Pets and Orchard Park for special medical care; Assisted and supported the daily operations of the shelter, including walking dogs, cleaning cat areas, washing dishes, helping with laundry and processing community donations.

She has led the organization planning and execution of several community events including StrOlean, Art in the Park, Tractor Supply Adoption Event, Route 16 Garage Sale and more.

“Mimi is and always will be a mainstay of the SPCA in Cattaraugus County,” said Jason. “His care, love and concern for all animals and people is an example that will be hard to match.”

Over the past five years or so, Mimi has also dedicated hundreds of hours between October and January at the SPCA Christmas store in the Olean Center mall. She took care of the organization, promotion, cleaning, sorting, installation, dismantling, decoration and working with our supporters who came to the store.

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Stu also helped with sterilization and sterilization transports, medical appointments, aided and supported the daily operations of the shelter, built a “catio” for feral cats, produced an annual newsletter and has drafted and implemented contracts with surrounding groups that help the organization grow.

He led, organized and helped facilitate financial giving, including estate funding, general donations, grants, various fundraisers and provided advice and oversight to the board of directors and employees, this which has improved staff, leadership, general management and the quality of day-to-day conduct and business. practices within the organization.

“Stu had been a wonderful chairman of the board,” said Jason. “His balanced and tactful mindset has greatly benefited all aspects of the shelter and its practices. His ability to see all aspects of situations has improved the quality of practices, procedures and daily operations. “

THEY WERE NOT ALONE: While this article is a tribute to two special people we will miss, the SPCA has several other couples who have made major contributions to the shelter over the years, starting with Lila Ervay and her late husband, Dean.

Lila’s dedication to animals and their welfare spans many years. She was tireless in visiting the animals, organizing the Christmas store and other fundraisers, including events at the Pulaski Club, thanks to John Skadowski, and Dean was there by her side whenever he needed it. , offering his truck and his skills generously.

Sheryl and Galvin Anderson and Judy and Jay Hupf joined Lila and Mimi to make the Christmas Pawtique a great store and a big SPCA fundraiser. Months of installation work, heavy lifting, organization, decoration could not have happened without the creativity, skills and talents of all these couples, as well as other events to follow.

They are the heart of the creative team that brings positive attention to the shelter and helps provide much needed funds for medical care and more for the animals.

Don’t forget Paula and Jim Freitag, who are always there when needed, from repairs to mowing the lawn, covering the reception area and more.

Last here, but not least, is “the cat angel” Karen Crowley, with the support of her husband, Mike. After her full-time job, she held a second full-time volunteer job for many years, monitoring and getting to know each SPCA cat and helping others in the community. Rise at dawn before labor and prepare all cats for sterilization for transport, return after labor to ensure they are well; setting up Trap, Neutral, Return programs everywhere, in addition to fundraising. Cats have never had a better or more devoted friend.

The SPCA is fortunate to have all of these wonderful couples as volunteers, and many other volunteers and donors who fill so many gaps to keep this community shelter thriving and running. Please consider donating your time and energy, donations or bequests, and any skills you may have to offer to the SPCA.

You will help cats and dogs and join a lovely group of caring volunteers and staff.

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