The Queen’s love affair with corgis is older than her 70-year reign; know how much she has

More than 70 corgies lined the lawn at Balmoral Castle in Scotland to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee on Saturday. While the 96-year-old has been closely associated with racehorses, no animal has been closer to her than the short-legged dog breed. In her lifetime, she has owned 30 members of her favorite dog breed.

The Queen currently owns four dogs – two corgis named Muick (given to her in 2021) and Sandy. She also owns Candy, a dorgi and a cocker spaniel named Lissy, according to National World. Vulcan, a dorgi who had accompanied the queen for years, had died in December 2020, leaving her heartbroken.

Image: Scottish Corgi Association

It was Lilibet’s 18th birthday in 1944 when she got her first pet corgi – a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Susan. Surprisingly, after that, the population of fox-like dogs skyrocketed in the country. Corgi listings peaked in 1960, seven years after she was crowned Queen of England. Notably, all of the corgis owned by the monarch are descendants of Susan.

Image: American Kennel Club

Why does the Queen love Corgis so much?

Queen Elizabeth and her late sister, Princess Margret, had fallen in love with the long-tailed dog breed as children while playing with the pets owned by the Marquess of Bath’s children. Legend has it that the queen and her younger sister chose Dookie from a litter of three, noting that his long tail would help them see if he was happy or not.

“I had always dreaded losing her,” the Queen wrote in her grief after Susan’s death, “but am still very grateful that her suffering was so happily short.”

Image: gyagi_jr/Twitter

Close associations

Corgis have been closely associated with the Queen who had kept Pembroke Welsh Corgis since she was a teenager. She even appeared with the dog in a James Bong parody clip filmed for the opening of the 2012 London Olympics. The Queen stopped breeding corgis in her 90s, but kept two ‘dorgis’ – one dachshund and corgi cross – to keep him company in his later years.

(Picture: AP)

PJ the corgi

In a testament to Her Majesty’s love for Corgis, the Royal Family recently released a new emoji called “PJ the corgi”. The Royal Family unveiled the emoji to help people celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee on their official Twitter account. The happy dog ​​cartoon image will appear whenever the social media user tweets the hashtags, Platinum Jubilee, HM70, PlatinumPartyatthePalace, PlatinumJubileePageant pr TheBigJubileeLunch.

(Image: duchessdearly/Royal Family Twitter)