The PEDIGREE Foundation launches the 2022 grant cycle

Since 2008, the PEDIGREE Foundation has donated nearly $10 million through 5,800 grants, working with organizations that support its mission to end pet homelessness and help dogs find their forever homes. Applications for the 2022 grant cycle will be accepted now via May 8, 2022 and can be completed online.

“Working in tandem with our partners and ambassadors across the country, the PEDIGREE Foundation has been able to help so many dogs in need, but we still have work to do,” said Deb Fair, Executive Director of the PEDIGREE Foundation. “Through our research, we found that 62%1 of shelters and sanctuaries report having more animals than they can adopt. As we continue to work to end pet homelessness, we are thrilled to support organizations working to increase dog adoption.”

Main focus areas for 2022
For its 2022 annual grants, the PEDIGREE Foundation will focus exclusively on the following types of programs, which dramatically increase adoption rates in the animal welfare community:

  • Transport programs that help organizations move dogs from overcrowded areas to areas where they are more likely to be adopted.
  • Host programs who temporarily move dogs into loving homes while awaiting adoption, with adoptive parents to care for and advocate for them.
  • Behavioral programs that help with socialization, training, and stress relief so dogs can move past behaviors that might get in the way of their adoption into loving, forever families.
  • Matching programs that help increase the likelihood that shelter dogs will bond with their adopters by helping to find the best fit for dogs and potential adopters.

Grants available in 2022
The 2022 PEDIGREE Foundation Grant Program includes the following grant types. Shelters and rescues can apply for all of these opportunities now.

Annual grants – awarded in the fall

  • DOGS RULE.™ Grants ($100,000)These two-year scholarships ($50,000 per year) will be awarded to fund new, creative and innovative initiatives that not only help their own organizations, but could also serve as best practice models for other shelters and rescues to help increase dog adoption rates .
  • Program Development Grants ($5,000$15,000) – These grants will support activities that expand the operational capacity of shelters or rescues to improve dog adoption rates. This includes expanding existing programs or new programs.
  • Shelters and rescues can apply for annual grants here.

Disaster Relief Grants

  • These grants are available year-round to deal with natural disasters, puppy mill foreclosures, or hoarding situations. They can be applied throughout the year through a separate application process, available here.

PEDIGREE Foundation Grants in Action
The PEDIGREE Foundation believes that every dog ​​deserves the support needed to find a loving home. Through the annual grant program, the Foundation has helped shelters and rescues provide this support and change lives. Here are some recent stories of puppies who have been directly impacted by PEDIGREE Foundation grants. For more information, visit the Foundation’s website website:

  • Artemis – When Artemis was found, she didn’t really know how to behave around people. She needed socializing, but the rescue that found her didn’t have the resources to help her. Fortunately, they knew about the Middleburg Humane Foundation, which had recently received a grant from the PEDIGREE Foundation and had agreed to take it. The Middleburg Humane Foundation taught Artemis to wear a harness and helped her take daily walks and socialize. With their care, the world seemed less scary and she was adopted into a loving home.
  • aspen aspen was born into a situation of hoarding Florida. She was placed in foster care, and when old enough, a transportation program transferred her to the Providence Animal Center in Pennsylvania to give her a chance to be adopted. She found her forever family in no time, but still struggles to be alone. That’s when his owner signed up to foster a dog from a local shelter. aspen loved and calmed down by having another dog at home.

Those interested in applying for a 2022 grant are invited to participate in a webinar on Thursday March 17 at 1:00 p.m. CDT, where representatives from the PEDIGREE Foundation will explain the 2022 grant cycle and share tips on how to write a successful grant application. We encourage interested applicants to review online grant applications in advance, and we welcome questions during the webinar. All applicants must have current 501(c)(3) tax designation status with shelters or rescues operating in the United States to submit an application.

To apply for a 2022 grant, learn more about the PEDIGREE Foundation, or make a donation to help us find more forever homes for dogs in need, please visit

About the PEDIGREE Foundation
We believe every dog ​​deserves a loving, forever home. The PEDIGREE Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to help end pet homelessness. Nearly 3.1 million dogs end up in shelters and shelters each year, and too many dogs never find homes. The Foundation was established in 2008 by Mars Petcare, maker of PEDIGREE® dog food, to help increase dog adoption rates. We’ve awarded over 5,800 grants and nearly $10 million to US shelters and shelters that help dogs in need. At the PEDIGREE Foundation, we are working towards a day when all dogs are safe, cared for, well fed and loved. Find out how you can help at

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1 Mars Petcare State of Pet Homelessness Index, November 2021. Conducted between March 2020 and October 2021. Available: