The Golden Retriever is told she is adopted – and the dogs at the shelter cheer her on

A golden retriever left dog lovers in tears when his reaction to the adoption went viral on TikTok.

The adorable pooch, originally named Starlight, had a rough start and is believed to be from a puppy mill that wanted to use him for breeding.

But, like the video shared by shelter owner Joe Kay to his @adoptingdogs the account shows, his fortune has finally turned around.

The clip shows Joe revealing the adoption card to the dog at the Wayne County Humanitarian Society shelter.

The goldie starts wagging her tail in excitement as Joe shares her joy.

“Is this for you? Is this for you? Your own home, darling,” he said, holding out the card.

Rosie wagged her tail happily as she was shown the adoption card

The heart-wrenching video has since been viewed over 25 million times on the video sharing app and many viewers confessed it made them cry.

“Oh sweetheart, the way she patiently waited and hoped that was for her,” one wrote. “So happy for you Starlight. Hope you like your new home.

Others remained moved after seeing how the other dogs that had not been chosen reacted.

“They all cheer her on,” said a second as someone else wrote, “I started to cry because the other dogs are cheering her on.”

Rosie's life turned upside down when she was adopted by Hannah
Rosie’s life turned upside down when she was adopted by Hannah

Joe told the Daily Star that the intuitive dogs at his shelter in Wooster, Ohio, United States, are often excited when they feel it’s their time.

“Most of the time the dogs are very excited, first of all because they have these new people walking around and spending time with them,” he said.

“Also, because the adopters are heading for a car (which means they’re going) and they somehow know it’s their time.”

Daily Star also met the dog’s loving new owner, Hannah, two months after her adoption.

Beautiful Rosie is now full of joy and loves to play
Beautiful Rosie is now full of joy and loves to play

She said: “I searched for a golden retriever for at least two months and applied immediately when Starlight was posted.

“I think Joe said I applied within 30 seconds. In the right place at the right time.”

Hannah only started looking for a companion dog when her college buddies told her they felt like “soul mates” with their own beloved doggies and one of them even joked about it. saying they would sacrifice a kidney for their dog.

“And just like that, my mission had started to find my soul mate,” she said.

Hannah adopted Starlight whenever she could and named her Moira Rose, aka Rosie, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Rosie is very gentle with her toys and cuddles them while she sleeps
Rosie is very gentle with her toys and cuddles them while she sleeps

Poor Rosie had to have surgery when Hannah noticed her mouth was bleeding and vets found a cyst, but now she’s better than ever.

Hannah said: “After the operation she was much happier.

“She now sleeps all night with her head on my pillow and is actually playing war!”

Part of her story is still a mystery, but Hannah believes her friendly pooch must have spent time with a family because of his beautiful temper.

Hannah said: “I live next door to a school and although I have no children, she greets the bus driver (her name is G) on our morning walks every morning.”

“She is always very gentle with her cuddly toys and loves to cuddle them while she sleeps.

“She also likes going to the beach to swim, go to volleyball games with me (she likes to be petted by everyone) and chase rabbits.

“I thought my friends were crazy when they called their dog their soul mate, but here we are and I can’t imagine life without Rosie.”

You can follow Wayne County Humane Society on their Instagram page and if you want to help more dogs like Rosie you can donate on their Paypal charity page.

Hannah also thanked Joe for his work and said, “You can tell he cares about these animals and it’s more than just a job.

“The world needs more people like this.”

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