The dog Princeton the poodle by Michael Pierce

Princeton has been a great partner for Pierce in more ways than one. Pierce explained that Princeton recently completed service dog training, which means the puppy can be by their side during air travel.

“I have a little anxiety,” Pierce said. “Airplanes make me a little rowdy, a little erratic at times. So just to be able to travel with him – I travel a lot, not just for football but just for life – and to be able to have him on the plane with me. [is helpful]. Being able to have him there with me, and being able to keep my eyes on him and know that he’s going to behave well and have no issues is great for me and my lifestyle. It was very important to me. “

Princeton is well trained and responds to a number of commands that ask him to sit, lie down, shake, jump, or rest his head on Pierce’s lap.

But to be fair, he just turned 1 on October 26, so Princeton slips back into those puppy behaviors sometimes – especially when it comes to socks or people’s temptation to eat.

Therefore, Princeton earned a new nickname last spring. When Pierce went to Minnesota for organized team activities in May, he asked his parents to keep the dog in Princeton until he found a more permanent home in the Twin Cities.

“He loves stealing stuff off counters. And he’s a sock machine,” Pierce said. “He’s going in my laundry. He went in my duffel bag recently and stole some socks. And he loves human food. I think he ate, like, 12 muffins once.

“You leave food on the counter, we are working to get him to break that habit, but for now it will be stolen,” Pierce added. “So my mom and dad know him as ‘Pirate’.”

Princeton can steal snacks sometimes, but he also steals a lot of hearts via his Instagram page, @princeton _le _caniche.

Pierce opened the social media account shortly after graduating from Princeton in January 2021. And while he hasn’t posted as much as he would like during the craziness of an NFL season, he promises that there will be quality content to come.

“We have things that we will publish soon,” he said.

Pierce enjoyed acclimating to a new city with Princeton by his side, and the two made the most of life in Minnesota. The duo take regular walks around Minneapolis, and they often stop to play at The Commons, with the magnificent US Bank Stadium towering behind as a natural backdrop.

“It’s just being able to have parks here. I live right down the street and I take it for a walk, let it run, all that. It’s great, super clean, and it’s something very unique. here, ”Pierce said. “I’ve lived in Baltimore, I’ve been to DC, a lot of different cities, and you don’t always see [this cleanliness]. People pick up after their dogs [here] and all that stuff, so you don’t have to worry about them eating different things off the floor.

“It’s a very walkable town which is great, and it’s very dog ​​friendly,” he added. “It’s probably the perfect place to have a dog, really.”

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