The Dog Breeder Particular on Breeding Countryside Huskies in a Human Setting

Countryside Huskies is on a mission to give our customers only happy, healthy, quality puppies raised in the healthiest environments.

Huskies are loved for their absolutely fierce and beautiful appearance. But that’s not where it stops for fans of this particular breed. Huskies are known to be lovable, fiercely independent, and incredibly sweet. They also have an inexhaustible source of energy and stamina that only vigorous exercise can tame. Unfortunately, the increased demand for this dog has led to inhumane puppy mills taking advantage of the situation.

Besides the horrible situation these dogs are bred in, the obsession with preserving a pure line has led to inbreeding. This has further led to a number of problems in this breed such as heart defects, deafness, epilepsy, blindness and countless skin problems. It’s no wonder most people are actively discouraged from patronizing any type of breeder. Fortunately, all hope is not lost as Countryside Huskies is actively changing the narrative about dog breeders.

Countryside Huskies is a dog breeding sanctuary founded on owners’ affection for the husky breed and their desire to share the joy of owning one with others. Since 2015, Countryside Huskies has been carrying out this task with professionalism to the delight of its customers. A typical day at the office involves countless hours spent examining the breed and evaluating sires and dams, in addition to caring for the dogs.

Elaborating further on how dogs are treated at the facility, the shelter says, “We have a hands-on way of treating and ensuring the best quality and socialization for each of our puppies. Each sire and dam have been handpicked considering layout, size and outward presentation. Each pup receives love and consideration from birth until they go to their new home. The majority of our puppies have confirmed bloodlines and are registered. We take pride in the well-being and prosperity of each of our puppies.

Unlike most other dog breeders, Countryside Huskies eschews the obsession with family breeding because they know all too well the problems that come with this method. Thus, customers can rest assured that there are no inbreeding issues. This is in line with the sanctuary’s resolution to breed only top notch Country Huskies in a humane manner that would ensure customer satisfaction.

Brainna Bradley, a satisfied Countryside Huskies customer shares her experience with the shelter: “I had a great and easy experience adopting our little Siberian Husky puppy! This breeder was so flexible, kind and willing to work with us. We had a wonderful experience with our baby.

Customers can obtain huskies from the shelter with confidence, knowing that Countryside Huskies will do everything they can to meet their desires.

To learn more about how Countryside Huskies work and to browse the puppies on offer, please visit the shelter’s website.

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