Suspicious activity temporarily closes Six Flag Hurricane port

Very unfortunate things have been happening across the country lately. Over the weekend, the Washington Nationals stadium was completely closed due to a shooting just outside the stadium.

Now it is reported by Jersey Shore Online that Six Flags Hurrican Harbor in Jackson, New Jersey was forced to close due to suspicious activity.

We learned from Jersey Shore Online that Jackson Township Police and New Jersey State Police were called to the scene to perform, what is called, a routine security check.

It is not known how long Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has been blocked, but the water park has reportedly been blocked for “possible suspicious activity with guest lockers.” Jersey Shore Online said the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit was also at the scene. The closure was only temporary.

It was mentioned that there was something suspicious in the guest lockers, but it was not indicated what exactly this object was.

Jackson Police Chief Matthew D. Kunz said Jersey Shore Online that the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor lockers were “investigated and determined to be totally unfounded”.

Jersey Shore Online shared that Six Flags Hurrican Harbor is yet to reopen.

We wonder if this incident had an effect on Six Flags Great Adventure since they are right next to each other.

Either way, it’s heartbreaking to hear that in places families go to have fun and escape stressful times, they have to deal with intense situations like this.

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