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NEWTON FALLS – As reclamation work takes place at the junior / senior track complex this summer, school officials have discussed additional work for the complex in the coming years.

Superintendent Rocco Adduci said the work currently being carried out by the Vasco de Massillon group cost $ 50,000 and will be completed in early August.

“This project will give us another four or five years on the track, as the board of directors plans to have a brand new sports complex. We investigated this project and discussed with people for a future project aiming to bring the track up to today’s standards ”, said Adduci.

He said work was needed on the track this year, with contractors saying work was to be done every five to seven years.

“We’re bringing it up to standard so we can have track and field competitions. To do a bigger project, we would have to redo all the sports facilities, such as a drainage system and grass for the field ”, said Adduci.

Treasurer Carla Click said sports boosters contributed $ 10,000 and a brick sale raised $ 22,850 for track renovations.

Additionally, Adduci said the schools formed a group in May called Newton Falls Community Advisory Boosters, which is a business relationship with Newton Falls village officials on possible shared opportunities in the future, such as the resort. sports and the creation of an alumni association and Newton Falls. Hall of Fame like other schools.

“The Hall of Fame would recognize not only graduates, but also all those who have contributed in one way or another to the success of Newton Falls over the years. We have coaches and teachers here who may not have graduated from Newton Falls. We also want to recognize graduates who have moved on to bigger and better things. We would like to do something like Warren did with plaques on the walls of Harding High School, ”he said.

Boosters will focus on uniting through communications such as social media between schools, businesses and the community.

Boosters will meet again in August with committees formed for Education, Athletics and Alumni.

In other matters, the district will make a therapy dog ​​available to students and staff for the 2021-22 school year.

At its June 24 meeting, the board approved a service contract with Therapy Dog for veterinary care, food, supplies and staff training, with all costs covered by an improvement grant. from school. Click said the dog insurance will be in place for the school year.

Adduci said the hypoallergenic Labradoodle, which is undergoing training, will provide comfort to students with problems at home or at school, or when under stress.

“We read where therapy dogs help students and adults,” said Adduci.

The dog will be looked after by the assistant principal of the high school Rachel Rankin.

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