Sudbury group collects dozens of dogs found in appalling conditions

Sudbury –

An animal rescue group in Sudbury collects 30 dogs that were found in appalling conditions in another part of Ontario.

According to information shared on social media, more than 45 dogs were found inside a house, and they were reported to be hungry, sick and arguing.

A Facebook group has been created to raise funds for the puppies.

Pet Save Sudbury immediately stepped in to help, although officials said they didn’t have the room. The group welcomed 15 dogs two weeks ago from another location and have six more on the way in the coming weeks.

The group is asking host families and volunteers to come forward.

“A lot of these dogs got off to a really rough start,” said Jill Pessot of Pet Save Sudbury. “We find that within a few days we start to see the tail wagging. They start to become more interactive with us. So we are just looking for people who will give them that time.”

“You know these guys had a rough journey and they’re on their way to a new home now so we just have to get them ready and through socialization we were able to do that,” she added.

Pessot said there is a great need for dog leashes, harnesses and collars.

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