Spoodles who escaped Christchurch Puppy Mill are ‘obviously malnourished’, say couple who came to their rescue

A couple who came to the rescue of puppies that escaped from a Christchurch property – where 21 spoodles were rescued from a ‘serious’ and ‘dangerous’ environment on Wednesday – said the animals were ‘obviously malnourished, filthy and putrid”.

The woman behind the apparent puppy mill on Roydvale Ave, Burnside, is Rebecca MacPherson, who previously ran Beccijanes Cattery in Wairakei Rd, where two cat owners returned from their Christmas vacation in 2016 to find he had lost their cats.

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About four weeks ago, Bridget and Hayden, who didn’t want MacPherson to know their surnames, were walking on Roydvale Ave when they saw about 13 puppies running down the road.

The couple, who lived nearby, joined others to get the puppies to safety.

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“We managed to get one. He was getting wet, he was super terrified, Bridget said.

They described the puppies as “malnourished, absolutely filthy and putrid”.

Hayden noticed another pup trying to escape from a hole under the fence of the nearby dog ​​grooming and spoodle vendor’s property. “He was making an awful sound screaming in pain.”

He tried to pull the dog, but as he put his hand there, a woman’s hand grabbed his on the other side.

Bridget and her partner Hayden took two puppies to the SPCA when they escaped on July 17.


Bridget and her partner Hayden took two puppies to the SPCA when they escaped on July 17.

“I tried to tear up the fence with another lady and that’s when I realized the pup wasn’t stuck under the fence, he was being pulled through that hole.

“I immediately let go because I didn’t want the dog to suffer so much, it was shocking. It was very painful for all of us. »

They managed to flag down a passing police car.

The couple said that when police arrested a woman came out of the property and ‘hollered at them’.

She yelled to “give him back some f’n dogs, they’re my f’n dogs,” Hayden said.

“We both looked at each other and were like we couldn’t physically bring these dogs back if that’s where they came from,” Bridget said.

They took the two puppies they caught to the SPCA.

“We called them a few days after to check in, and they said the dogs were happy and in much better shape,” Bridget said.

Tom Smith managed to get one of the puppies and took him to the SPCA


Tom Smith managed to get one of the puppies and took him to the SPCA

Another couple, Tom Smith and his partner Michelle, were driving on Roydvale Ave when they saw the puppies on the road the same day.

They stopped and got their hands on a puppy.

“It was dirty and filthy and there was matted dirt. Someone told us this wasn’t the first time this had happened,” Smith said.

Smith said they waited with the police officer while they tried to reach the council, but after 40 minutes of waiting they took the pup to the SPCA.

It’s unclear whether the previous incident had any bearing on Wednesday’s raid.

Fire, police and animal management were involved, saving all 21 spoodle puppies (a cocker spaniel and a poodle cross) and several birds from the property.

Things understands that the firefighters were wearing a breathing apparatus, probably because of the smell.

A person at the scene on Wednesday said the property was “beyond filthy” with a putrid stench detected from the road.

Things spoke to neighbors on Thursday who said Macpherson was “quiet and reserved.” They didn’t have much interaction with her.

A neighbor said in the past month he saw dogs running off the property three times.

Another neighbor said he had only ever seen eight or nine adult dogs there, not puppies, which looked “well cared for and well fed”.

“We never smelled anything bad,” they said.

Happy Tails Dog Grooming on Roydvale Ave in Burnside, where 21 spoodle puppies and birds were seized due to <a class=animal welfare concerns.” style=”width:100%;display:inline-block”/>


Happy Tails Dog Grooming on Roydvale Ave in Burnside, where 21 spoodle puppies and birds were seized due to animal welfare concerns.

The SPCA described the environment as “initially unsafe” and a “serious situation”.

MacPherson advertises three online businesses: Rebecca’s Spoodles, Happy Tails dog grooming and Westside Curtains.

Rebecca’s Spoodles advertises the puppies online for sale between $1450 and $2000.

Things could not reach MacPherson for comment.

When Things visited Beccijanes in 2016, a woman there told the reporter to “get the hell off my property, you bastard”.

An advertisement for Rebecca’s Spoodles states that the puppies are “very affectionate towards me and no problem”.

“It’s very difficult to get up 3-4 times a night while babies are feeding, warming food and changing bedding. And huge daily wash because not clean. When they’re out of crate and in mothers care, it’s much easier warm in my bed with me and they’re sold out by 8 weeks (sic).

SPCA National Inspection Manager Alan Wilson said all the animals had been removed from the property and were being cared for by the charity’s Christchurch staff.

“WWe would like to thank members of the public for their overwhelming response in offering help to these animals at this time.

“We cannot comment further on the details of Wednesday’s event as it is part of an ongoing investigation.”

Police declined to comment.