Skyrim: How To Get A Dog Tracker

Players can get a Dog Tracker in Skyrim. To do this, they will need to either find and buy one, or recruit one while completing DLC ​​missions.

Regular followers are great, but nothing can beat a happy dog ​​on the Dragonborn side, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has multiple dogs that players can recruit. Options for dog breeds in Skyrim only include greyhounds, huskies and the occasional death dog. They can’t carry much and may not be the best fighters, but they will follow the Dragonborn unconditionally and without judgment until they are dismissed. Skyrim’s dogs can even be adopted by the player under the right circumstances.

There are certainly downsides to having a dog follower in Skyrim: They rush into battle, have no armor rating, and have no attacks other than a relatively weak bite attack. They also bark constantly, leading players to consider them among the most annoying. Skyrim companions. But, for those who don’t mind the inconvenience, canine companions are cute, fun, and can follow the Dragonborn alongside an additional humanoid follower.


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For players who don’t want to start a DLC or special quests to get a dog, they can go to Skyrim Town of Markarth. Just outside the city gates is a man called Banning, and he’ll sell the player a war dog named Vigilance for just 500 coins. Vigilance has a higher cap level than most other Skyrim dogs. With Vigilance capable of reaching level 50, it can easily become a decent enough tank to take incoming damage during combat.

How to get other Dog Followers in Skyrim

The next canine companions that players can recruit in Skyrim are Meeko and a dog with unique traits called Barbas. Attached to a specific quest or place, these two dogs have their own story. The first, Meeko, can be found when players approach a hut between Solitude and Morthal. They should see a barking dog trying to get the Dragonborn’s attention when they reach the side of the road. This dog will lead players to a place called Meeko’s Hut, where they will find a dead man on a bed. A journal on the bedside table explains his struggle with rockjoint and reveals the name of his faithful companion: Meeko. Players can take pity on the loyal dog and recruit Meeko at any time.

The other notable event dog is Barbas, and he can be found just outside of Falkreath. This talking dog is only meant to be a temporary follower. Players are expected to lose this companion once the “A Daedra’s best friendThe quest is over. Players can work around this issue by refusing to complete the quest for as long as possible. Barbas is technically a quest NPC who cannot die even in the face of powerful enemies. This makes him one of the best companions in the game, as players will never have to worry about accidentally killing him.

Finally, the Dawnguard DLC added new types of dogs to Skyrim, and the Dragonborn can recruit one as a follower depending on which faction he joins. If players join the Volkihar clan, they can recruit the necromantic death dogs known as CuSith and Garmr. On the other side are Sceolang and Bran, two armored husky trackers who can only be acquired if players join them. Skyrim Dawnguard and complete some DLC quests. Aside from the aesthetics and the choice of factions, there is little difference between the two species, and these dogs function like any other in Skyrim.

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