‘Sir. Brown, oldest brown lemur in North America, dies at Naples Zoo

NAPLES, Florida – The Naples Zoo announced the death of North America’s oldest male brown lemur on Monday.

The male lemur named “Mr. Brown” died Thursday August 5 at the age of 39, zoo officials said in a press release.

Credit: Naples Zoo

According to the Naples Zoo, he was the oldest living brown lemur in North America and possibly the world, with the average lifespan of his species being between 20 and 25 years.

The lemur joined the other animals at the Naples Zoo in June 1990.

Credit: Naples Zoo

“Sir. Brown’s long life is a testament to the care and compassion of the animal care staff and veterinary team at the Naples Zoo,” said Jack Mulvena, president and CEO of the Naples Zoo. ” Our teams are dedicated to our animals at all stages of life and they have done an incredible job over the years treating Mr. Brown and keeping him comfortable. ”

Credit: Naples Zoo

Mr Brown was also the first animal to undergo surgery at Naples Zoo Glass Animal Hospital after developing glaucoma in 2019 and having to have an eye removed.

Credit: Naples Zoo

The male lemur then developed a cataract in his other eye, which caused him to go blind, according to the Naples Zoo.

Credit: Naples Zoo

A special habitat with pool noodle “bumpers” was designed for Mr. Brown as he aged and became arthritic.

The zoo said it would continue to monitor Mr Brown’s partner “Victoria” to see how she cope after her death.

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