Sick puppy found in trash can, suspect arrested – The Vacaville Reporter

A sickly French Bulldog puppy, found in a trash bag thrown into a dumpster at a Solano gas station on August 18, is receiving medical attention as the alleged attacker, a Vallejo man, was arrested this week . said an official with the Solano County Sheriff’s Office.

On August 18, a gas station employee called the sheriff’s animal control office to report that a customer had found the dog in the trash.

A responding animal control officer found the pup unresponsive but alive. He was taken to a local vet and stabilized, then to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Division, where he continues to be treated. The pup is said to be improving and should stay with animal care staff.

This sick French Bulldog puppy, found in a trash bag at a Solano gas station trash can, is being treated by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Division. (Courtesy of Solano County Sheriff’s Office)

Gas station surveillance footage revealed the man, later identified as Jerald Stevenson, 28, of Vallejo, arrived at the station and then dropped a tied plastic bag of groceries into the dumpster trash, the official said.

Hours later, the video apparently showed another customer throwing things into the dumpster, becoming curious, pulling out a trash bag, tearing it up, and finding the puppy. The gas station attendant was notified and then called Animal Control.

The suspect was located at his residence, the official said, and admitted to dumping the puppy because he thought it was dead or dying. The pup had recently had diarrhea and was “just dying”, the officer was told, and no veterinary attention was sought.

Stevenson was arrested and remanded to the Solano County Jail on suspicion of felony animal cruelty, willfully abandoning an animal and a violation of probation.