Shelters See Rise in Abandoned Pets Due to Inflation

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and many people started working from home, animal shelters across the country noticed an increase in dog and cat adoptions.

Now that people are back to work and inflation is taking a toll on our wallets, the trend is turning.

For example, KTHV-11 in Little Rock reported last week that Arkansas shelters are seeing increasing numbers of abandoned pets. So much so that shelters in several cities, including Little Rock, Hot Springs and Sherwood, are struggling to accommodate them all.

Shelter officials say people are struggling to properly feed and provide veterinary care to pets with so many increased demands on their paychecks.

It’s a sad situation. Giving an animal a home is – or should be – a long-term commitment, both emotional and financial. Guess these dog and cat owners are desperate and think they have no choice but to take their pets to a shelter. At least we hope none are callous enough to consider their pets disposable.

If you can adopt a shelter animal, now would be a good time to do so. They need homes. They need care. They need love.

But make sure you are in a stable position and can handle the responsibilities. Because when you bring a dog or cat into your life, you are all they have in the world.

Print Title: EDITORIAL/Desperate Measures: Shelters see rise in abandoned pets due to inflation