Shelter dog plays with all the squeaky toys

BEDFORD COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – “Who let the dogs out?” took on new meaning for a Pennsylvania shelter dog who was able to break free from his kennel overnight.

Bedford County Humane Society employee Joyce Ross couldn’t believe what she walked in and found the next morning.

Longtime shelter dog Gilligan had found a way out of his kennel after leaving it unlocked and spent the night playing with all the squeaky toys he could find.

“So I locked the door, and I walked through, and I see Gilligan running around excitedly, playing, jumping. I’m like. “Gill, how did you get out?” said Ross, who hadn’t been at the shelter the day before.

From what Ross understands, Gilligan spent the time of his life playing with all the squeaky toys. Staff said they put away any toys that didn’t squeak. Her mess ran through several hallways of the shelter.

“He went through each toy one by one to remove each squeaker,” Ross said. “And the ones that didn’t have a squeaker, he took them out and left them alone. He skipped anyone who didn’t have squeakers. He only wanted the squeakers.

Ross posted Gilligan’s Nightly Fiesta on ICT Tac, where it has racked up over 2.3 million views. Since the video went viral, the shelter has received many more donations. Gilligan also receives special treats, including a lifetime supply from one person.

“When I went to see, we were so amazed that Gilligan had…gone viral,” said Janet Gates, director of the Bedford County Humane Society. “I mean, he was everywhere. We had a lady call us and say she would like to buy a toy from Gilligan every month for the rest of her life.

Gilligan is considered the shelter’s unofficial mascot. He usually sits next to the reception, watching over the other dogs in the shelter and, above all, watching over the employees. He’s been at the shelter since he was little, so he’s used to the staff.

“That’s all he’s ever known. What a great way to show off our shelter and show people what fabulous dogs are waiting at the shelter,” Gates said. “Although I don’t think we’re going to part ways with Gilligan.”

Although he made a big mess with the toys, Gates said Gilligan did no other damage. He only liked squeaky toys. Next time the staff will make sure Gilligan’s kennel is properly locked down so this doesn’t happen again.

Nonetheless, the staff said Gilligan deserved every bit of his fun night.

“From his look I could see he was excited and had a great night all night. He was proud, very proud,” Ross said.