Schuyler Veterinary Clinic Under New Ownership | News

Hands have changed at the Schuyler Veterinary Clinic, but the business will continue to serve the Schuyler community.

Dr. Wendell Bohmont and Dr. Linda Svoboda handed over the reins to Dr. Doug Eisenmann earlier this year. Bohmont noted that he retired Jan. 14 after having been at the clinic since 1975.

“I’ve been at it for 50 years, it was about time,” Bohmont said.

Svoboda had been in the business since 1986.

“I have a passion for working with animals and working with people and that has given me the best of both worlds,” she said.

Bohmont also noted the development of a relationship with those who come through the clinic’s doors.

“I liked the association with the people and having repeat customers that we got to know and enjoyed working for,” Bohmont said.

Eisenmann graduated in 2001, after which he worked at the Schuyler Veterinary Clinic.

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“I worked here for about eight years, from 2002 to 2010, then I moved to another firm, and then I opened my own North Town about five years ago,” Eisenmann said.

He still owns the Midland Store veterinary clinic. For Eisenmann, owning the Schuyler Clinic is a way to expand his business while continuing to serve the community.

“I thought it was a good opportunity to expand my home base. Schuyler would be lost if this place wasn’t open, Eisenmann said. “Dr. Bohmont and Dr. Svoboda served a lot of clients and there would have been a hole here at Schuyler if it hadn’t continued.

Eisenmann said customers shouldn’t notice too much of a difference. He added that he looks forward to serving the customers of the Schuyler Veterinary Clinic. Helping people at Schuyler is what he loves about his job, he said.

“It’s a service-type industry,” Eisenmann added. “We do our best to meet the customer’s needs.”

Bohmont and Svoboda will make the most of their retirement.

“I have acreage and a few other interests,” Bohmont said, noting beekeeping and cows.

Svoboda said she would help her husband, who is a herder.

“We appreciate the loyalty we’ve had from our customers and customers,” Svoboda said. “We enjoyed working for them. And we will enjoy seeing them after retirement, albeit in an unprofessional way.

Bohmont said he hopes the clinic will continue to thrive under Eisenmann’s leadership.

“We just hope it continues and works for Dr. Eisenmann, that he has a successful business here and continues to provide good service to our clients,” he said.

“It was a good experience and I enjoyed my time.”

Hannah Schrodt is the editor of the Schuyler Sun. Contact her by email at [email protected]