Rogue dog breeders create £40,000 ‘Frankenstein puppies’ in hobby labs

New breeds – like hairless and fluffy bulldogs – are cooked up in unregulated fertility clinics, investigation finds, and experts fear new breeds suffer

Greedy dog ​​breeders create £40,000 ‘Frankenstein puppies’

Greedy dog ​​breeders are creating Frankenstein puppies to sell for up to £40,000 each.

The new breeds – like hairless, fluffy bulldogs – are being cooked up in unregulated fertility clinics, a survey has found.

Others created in hobby labs are described as “hairless French bulldogs”.

Unscrupulous traders take advantage of the reluctance of licensed veterinarians to perform fertility work.

But experts fear the new breeds will suffer from poor health throughout their often short lives.

The Sunday People found more than 60 dog fertility clinics on social media, located everywhere from Inverness to Kent.

However, the actual number is likely to be even higher as clandestine operations do not advertise.

A hairless French bulldog


Alamy Photo)

An ad for one of the puppies on social media

Some clinics have openly advertised illegal services such as advanced artificial insemination procedures that should only be performed by a veterinarian.

Many offer their services to breeds such as bulldogs that have trouble breeding due to genetic issues, but are popular with those looking to buy dogs.

Leading TV vet Dr Pete Wedderburn said: ‘The rise of these unregulated clinics is an outrage. A licensed veterinarian would never get involved in breeding dogs that will suffer in their lifetime.

One of the puppies for sale


One of the puppies for sale)

“It’s led to a vacuum where these unregulated clinics have sprung up.”

A wildlife crime source said, “These clinics are popping up in every town and city. They are there to make a quick buck.

“They have no qualifications and don’t care about the welfare of the weird dogs they create.”

The charity NatureWatch, whose clinics investigators surveyed, said: ‘These labs are creating Frankenstein puppies who are destined to suffer for their appearance.

Two breeders who run fertility clinics are facing legal action in Scotland over allegations of unregulated veterinary procedures.

One, who we don’t name for legal reasons, raises weird puppies, including hairless bulldogs. He sells them for between £30,000 and £40,000.

Madeleine Campbell of the Royal Veterinary College said: ‘Non-vets undertaking surgery should be reported to Trade Standards and the Police.’

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