Rochester tenant was not woken by smoke alarms as food burned

Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – A Rochester tenant was lucky the food he apparently left cooking on the stove didn’t start a fire.

The tenant was unaware there was a problem until firefighters woke the person up – even though the smoke alarms had been sounding for over half an hour.

Rochester Fire Department crews were dispatched to an apartment at 509 2nd St NW just after 1 a.m. Sunday in response to “a call for smoke alarms sounded in a first-floor apartment.” RFD says the tenant of the 2nd floor apartment who called “said the detectors in the apartment below him had been tripping for about 30 minutes.”

Fire crews initially found no smoke or fire conditions “but a walk around the building revealed a noticeable smell of burnt food.”

Firefighters started knocking on the locked door but there was no response. When they looked out a window, they “I noticed a flickering light in the kitchen area of ​​the apartment that looked like flames. “They decided to force the door and after entering the apartment, “I found a pan on the stove with visible flames coming from the pan.”

RFD says firefighters “searched the apartment and discovered an occupant asleep in the bedroom.” The person “was finally awakened from sleep and evacuated”, accompanied by a dog and a cat. The tenant was assessed at the scene for smoke inhalation.

RFD says the damage was limited to the stove burner – and the pan, which was destroyed.

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