Rescue fears dog import ban will mean no more puppy mills

Animal rescue groups are racing to get as many dogs into Canada as possible before a ban on dogs from countries considered to be at high risk for rabies takes effect.

In late June, the federal government announced it was banning the importation of commercial dogs from more than 100 countries, including Afghanistan, Egypt, Ukraine and India, to reduce the risk of rabies canine for Canadian pets on September 28, 2022.

Golden Rescue Canada (RCMP) Co-Chair Viive Tamm told The Daily Hive in an interview that this ban could mean a worse fate for dogs in Canada.

“We don’t let international dogs in; this is going to feed the puppy mill and backyard breeder industry, which is completely unregulated, adds Tamm. “These dogs also live a miserable existence.”

Tamm says the RCMP is working with animal advocates to reverse the ban and, in the meantime, is working to get as many dogs from overseas homes to Canada before the September 28 deadline.

“The lucky ones arrive in the shelters; the unlucky are the ones who are going to starve on the streets, they are going to be poisoned, they are going to be slaughtered, they are going to be rounded up to be sent to the meat trade,” Tamm says.

Tamm says the rescue, which brings in the majority of its international dogs from Cairo and Istanbul, supports increased protocols and is doing what is necessary to keep rabies out of Canada; however, she says this dog ban will have serious consequences.

“We really condemn dogs everywhere to a miserable life and a miserable death when we could help them,” says Tamm.

golden rescue

One of RCMP’s rescue partners, says Tamm, has already stopped rescuing the goldens, knowing that the dogs will soon no longer be able to be sent to Canada, “It makes me so sad when I think of those beautiful goldens that we don’t can’t help.”

golden rescue

The rescue has already landed dogs on Canadian soil throughout August, with more on the way this month, and Tamm says adopters, foster families and families of home to adopt are needed as soon as possible.

Tamm says RCMP have quite a bit of information about each dog to help match the little one with the right home, such as if he’s good with other animals, children, their energy levels and their medical records. .

She says most flights with RCMP rescues land in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, “if anyone is willing to come here to pick up a golden, we’re willing to adopt anyone in the country.”

“If you can open your heart and your home to a golden from abroad, please fill out an adoption application as soon as possible,” says Tamm.

If you are interested in adopting a dog by Golden Rescue Canada, you can find an application form on their website or by email [email protected]

The rescue says it may also be looking for temporary homes for some dogs if permanent homes can’t be found right away, and you can find more information by emailing. [email protected]

In a recent email to supporters, RCMP included a link to a petition call on federal authorities to end the banwriting “help us speak for those who can’t”.