Puppy in need of surgery highlights cruelty of puppy mills

Animal Rescue is raising money for upcoming puppy surgeries in Northumberland County.

NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, PA – At first glance, seven-month-old Victor looks like an average Cocker Spaniel.

But when he starts to walk, it’s hard to miss his birth defect.

“He has no hips. His right knee is basically back and his left leg is virtually useless,” said Marcy Benner of Haven to Home Canine Rescue.

Victor was handed over to Haven to Home Canine Rescue last month.

Marcy Benner sits on the rescue board and says Victor is from a nearby puppy mill.

The Humane Society of the United States describes a puppy mill as “a high volume inhumane dog breeding facility that produces puppies for profit.”

Benner thinks there are a lot of these places in central Pennsylvania.

“Severely neglected, malnourished, virtually no vet care, they just pump puppy after puppy after puppy,” Benner said.

This becomes an issue for animal rescues like Haven to Home, as many puppy mill dogs are brought in to rescues when their medical needs become too costly.

“Victor has no voice and we must be his voice.”

Ron Pratt lives in Sunbury and has raised funds for Victor’s upcoming surgeries, which are estimated to cost $ 12,000.

“I’ve received a lot of messages that they’ve done what they can with donations and the like. We have a goal to hit,” said Pratt.

Victor will need at least three surgeries. His left leg will eventually be amputated. His first operation is next Tuesday.

Benner told Newswatch 16: “After the first surgery he will need 6-8 weeks of therapy, which means cage rest.”

If you would like to help Victor, click here.

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