Puppies rescued from Florida puppy mill need supplies

DESTOTO COUNTY, FL – Two people are behind bars following the discovery of a puppy mill in DeSoto County.

Rose Romano, the owner of “Strawberry farms … a husky paradise was arrested in Salem, Va. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office said Romano was awaiting his extradition to Florida to appear before a judge.

Romano’s husband Robert Polk was arrested at the scene and faces 82 counts of negligence.

DeSoto County Sheriff’s Deputies received a complaint from a company client late last month expressing concern over the condition of his puppy who lost five pounds while in care from the owner of the company, Rose Romano.

An investigation by sheriff’s deputies also revealed complaints from former employees, arrests in St. Petersburg and even a letter from a local vet who had to refuse to sterilize a puppy because “she had wounds on her stomach. face… no palpable fat… easily visible ribs, vertebrae and pelvic bones.

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Last week, DeSoto County deputies and animal control officials seized 39 adult dogs, 19 puppies and 26 other animals in deplorable conditions. According to the deputies, there was no food or water in sight and there was feces and urine everywhere.

The dogs are cared for at DeSoto Animal Control and volunteers are asking the community for the following donations:

  • Science Diet dog food

  • Nylabones

  • Kong toys

  • Milk bone treats

  • Clean / new and thick blankets

  • Bleach

  • Washing-up liquid

Articles can be sent to:

DeSoto County Animal Control

2048 McKay Street northeast

Arcadia, Florida 34266

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