Playdate held for dogs rescued from Pontotoc County puppy mill surrender – FOX23 News

OWASSO, Okla. – Several people who adopted poodles and poodle mixes from a hoarding situation in Pontotoc County organized a play date to round up the dogs.

The play date took place at the Waggin’ Trail Dog Park in Owasso.

Lori Long, vice president of philanthropy and communications at Tulsa SPCA, said the event took place after a Facebook post.

“A little over a week ago we released what we call a ‘Happy Tail’, which is kind of a post adoption story, of one of the Poodles, and organically several of the other adopters have started seeing the post and posting their own pics and updates on the facebook post and so they kind of got together and came up with the idea of ​​having a play date to get all the poodles together .

Long said in early July, Tulsa SPCA took in 68 poodles from a large hoarding rescue in Pontotoc County. She also said the dogs were kept in “awful conditions”.

“To say that less than three months ago they came out of some of the most horrible conditions we have ever seen, dirty water, sometimes no water, with very little food, most of between them were extremely thin, very emaciated. Every one of them had to be completely shaved because they were infested with fleas and ticks, and the majority of them had no human socialization and they hid in the corners of their cages just out of fear, he said. she declared.

Long said seeing the progress the dogs have made brings him great joy.

“It tugs at my heart in so many ways, because I remember that first night, and I remember a lot of those dogs that came that first night and how scared they were, and how scared they were. malnourished and unhealthy, and you know that makes you wonder, “What’s the outlook for them in the future?” And here we are, just three months, not even three months, and they’re amazing, I mean they’re doing so well. So it brings me a lot of joy and a lot of happiness to know that they’re in great homes and thriving,” she said.

Long also said she hopes this will be the first of many encounters between the dogs.

Carrie Beth Winfield adopted one of the rescue dogs, Murphy.

“Our house wouldn’t be the same without Murphy,” Winfield said.

Winfield said he heard about the situation through Facebook.

“I saw the situation on Facebook and I saw it through my newsfeed and it spoke to me instantly… I was sure to donate, then after donating we adopted, after fostering, we adopted. He just belonged to our house,” she said.

Winfield said Murphy had some issues but was doing well.

“He had a few problems, but don’t we all have them?” And we’re working on it and he’s doing great,” she said.