Piles of doodles brought to the Nashville Humane Association

The Nashville Humane Association just brought in a bunch of new dogs — heaps of doodles — who were rescued from a puppy mill.

“First of all, and it should come as no surprise to anyone, but we have a puppy mill problem in this country. Pets are over-produced. We have way too many pets that need care. a focus for there to be ‘factories’ producing litter after the litter, the NHA said.

In total there are 45 doodles. The NHA said one of its transport partners successfully convinced breeders to return their dogs.

Nashville Humanitarian Association

“We signed on late last week to help clean up their shelter in preparation for another big influx to come, and we just couldn’t say no,” the NHA said.

They said on Monday the dogs had undergone a full medical checkup and were all in dire need of a bath and plenty of grooming. The NHA will keep a close eye on moms because overbreeding can cause health issues.

“Foster families are always needed at the NHA. When we have emergencies like this, we need foster families to support transportation, but foster families also allow us to maintain our normal operations at full speed,” the NHA said.

You can email [email protected]

As for adoptions, the NHA will be making adoption requests for these doodles at a later date.

The NHA says the best way to support dogs is to donate to its Transportation and Medical Emergency Fund or by sending money via Venmo to @nashvillehumane.

“Every little bit counts, whether it’s a few dollars or a few more dollars, we’re asking because that’s how we save lives,” the NHA said.