People marvel at this extremely large dog and so do we

Borzoi is a big dog and is a big tiktok

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The internet can’t get enough of this TikTok dog – a 5ft 7in Borzoi beauty who is probably taller than you.

Formerly known as the Russian Greyhound, the Borzoi is a greyhound hunting breed once popular in the 1800s by Russian aristocrats. Borzoi, “fast” in Russian, was bred to hunt in large packs. Nowadays, the breed is best known for its relaxed temperament, but they are still so tall.

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Their distinctive appearance is certainly striking. So, it’s no surprise that followers notice it first. Eris the Borzoithe leggy look. Resembling a doggy style with a long coat, Eris has a long nose face and looooong cream colored body. In this TikTok Video she has her front legs perched on top of a bridge railing – her tail wags as she watches something interesting.

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Baffled by its size, fans left comments like “giraffe polar dog” and “fuzzy human noodles”. Eris was also taller than a lot of humans: “She’s taller than me!” In total, more than a million people marveled at the big girl.

But, this is the next video this gives Eris fans their answer. Responding to a question, Eris’s owner posted a follow-up clip with the magnificent Borzoi fully reclining, its legs positioned atop a tall garden fence. The caption, “Like 5’7” ish “, ends speculation for some 18 million viewers.

All I can say is he’s a big dog! But even Eris doesn’t get close to Freddy the Great Dane, record holder for the largest living dog measuring 7 feet 5.5 inches!

Typically, Borzoi are around 26 inches and taller, but that’s when they have all four feet on the ground. They will weigh between 60 and 105 pounds, so, yes, they’re fat. But they are also sleek, lean, and easy-going dogs who will love spending time with you. Just make sure they have enough room to run. (You can read more about Borzoi at our complete breed guide.)

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We’re happy to get a behind-the-scenes look at this distinctive breed (Eris in particular) – and if this is your first time meeting a Borzoi… well, then welcome!

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