Orion hears residents’ ideas for a paddling pool, a dog park | Local News

WHAT WE KNOW: The village of Orion purchased four acres from Love Park in 2019, part of which it intends to use for expanded parking.

WHAT’S NEW: Resident Jenny Eckhardt approached the board of directors on Monday saying towns that are smaller than Orion offer amenities such as wading pools and dog parks. She offered to help raise funds for such projects and said she knew other people who would be willing to work as well. She also suggested grants, but Mayor James Cooper said Orion’s low-to-moderate income percentage is so low that the city is not eligible for grants. Noting that she grew up in Orion and returned seven years ago, Eckhardt said she remembers taking the bus to go swimming at Hillcrest Recreation. “It’s just like we’re missing out on some of these activities,” she said. She said having a dog park could teach socialization skills. Cooper initially said the obstacles included finding space for activities and their insurance, but ultimately said they deserved to be considered. “Everyone is watching this and if we have the opportunity to move forward, we will think about it,” he said. “Thank you for coming; don’t be a stranger. “

AND AFTER: Noting that the new base for the 7th Street construction project is undergoing nuclear density testing before any asphalt work is done, Administrator Neal Nelson said residents should be reassured. “Yes, it’s delayed, but we are building a road that will hold up,” he said. The 11th Avenue project will not begin until after Labor Day, and trustee Mel Drucker said there was some concern about a union labor shortage. He said they were working to meet with the contractor to make sure it doesn’t happen as late in the year as the 12th Avenue project years ago.

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