Opportunities to adopt, foster and volunteer to help animals abound in the metro area

Animal shelters in the greater Albuquerque area are overcapacity and are looking for volunteers to help them. Volunteers receive training and support services to optimize positive outcomes for animals and volunteers. Information on three major organizations is provided here, with more relief groups serving the community. Volunteer applications are available on the websites.

The Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource Center is overcapacity and is looking for opportunities to adopt pets. If you are not ready or able to adopt, there are other ways to help. There are volunteering opportunities for adults and those under 18. Volunteer at the center or make “Home Enrichment” items. Supplies are provided to make the items that enrich the lives of the animals while awaiting adoption.

Foster families look after animals that are not ready for adoption. Most foster care placements last two to six weeks and are for nursing mothers and their litters, young kittens, puppies, injured pets, or pets in need of socialization or time away from the shelter. . Palliative care foster homes accommodate animals of advanced age or with medical problems.

The Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource Center says the greatest need is for adult volunteers for loving interactions with the animals or support duties at the center and the foster program.

The Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource Center offers a spay / neuter assistance program. You must live in the unincorporated area of ​​Bernalillo County – with the exception of Los Ranchos Village and Tijeras Village. See website for more information.

Citizens who wish to donate to the animals and county animal care programming can go to the website and click on the Donate button, selecting BernCo Animal Care.

Albuquerque Animal Welfare offers volunteer opportunities at its Eastside and Westside shelters. Volunteers must be 18 years or older, or participate as a family. Volunteers perform a variety of duties, such as walking dogs, cuddling cats, environmental tasks, and supervising animals after medical procedures. They have a “dog day” to take a dog for a hike, lunch or event, with the dog wearing an Adopt Me vest.

Albuquerque Animal Welfare also has a pet care program. The website describes the types of animals that need to be fed such as litters of puppies and kittens with or without moms, animals recovering from surgery, and animals with behavioral issues. The animals that require a foster family are determined by Animal Welfare Management. The website identifies important issues for those considering taking care of an animal, including daily time commitment or special needs. The necessary reception period for an animal can be from one to six weeks. Also, if you have a pet now, think about the impact of the care on your pet.

When asked what the greatest need was, the representative described the importance of volunteers and foster families in supporting pet adoptions.

Albuquerque Animal Welfare provides sterilization / neutering services to low and moderate income residents of Albuquerque through a lottery program. See website for more information.

Kennel Kompadres accepts charitable contributions and donations in partnership with Animal Welfare. Check the website for information on donating funds or items.

Animal Humane of NM has volunteer opportunities for adults, youth and children. The website describes tasks such as interactions with animals, working in the thrift store, and frontline interactions with the public.

Animal Humane describes its foster care program as helping pets by providing time and compassion. “By inviting pets into their lives, homeless cats and dogs experience the love of a human companion and return to our shelter as happy, healthy and socialized pets… ready to go. be adopted! The supplies necessary for the reception are provided.

Animal Humane has a donor-funded veterinary clinic, including sterilization and sterilization services, available exclusively to clients with income.

Animal Humane of NM is a local, private, non-profit organization that depends on fundraising to operate. When asked what her greatest need was, the organization responded that they needed funds to provide compassionate services to animals in need.

There are more rescue organizations in the area; do an online search for animal rescues near me and find a list of organizations you can help. If you cannot be a volunteer in the field, there are other ways to support organizations through donating items or providing financial assistance.

Current pet owners can help by having their pet spayed or neutered. According to the Humane Society, the average lifespan of neutered and neutered cats and dogs is clearly longer than that of others.

Sources: www.bernco.gov/animal-care-services, phone (505) 314-0281; www.cabq.gov/pets, phone: 311; https://animalhumanenm.org, phone (505) 255-5523 ​​for 615 Virginia SE site, (505) 323-7387 for 10141 Coors NW site, (505) 938-7915 for thrift stores, (505) 217-0300 for veterinary clinic.

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