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Shut down all puppy mills

I am responding to the recent article in the Daily Progress (6/16/22) by Andrew Cain of the Richmond Times Dispatch, “Beagle factory closing, puppies up for adoption”.

As noted in the article, Inotiv (in Indiana) is the “mother” company (unhealthy choice of words) of the Virginia beagle factory, Envigo, (in Cumberland County). The whole operation is inadmissible, immoral and inhumane. Both Inotiv and Envigo engage in gross animal exploitation and genocide.

The article states that a Virginia judge “lambasted Envigo for its ‘tortious abuse’ of dogs and puppies.”

The article also states that Envigo currently holds 3,000 beagle dogs and puppies in captivity to be sold to industries for experimentation. My stomach turns. These brave, beautiful and affectionate beagles are subjected to deplorable living conditions. The “research” done on these dogs is appalling.

Commendably, three elected officials from Virginia, Sens. Bill Stanley (R) and Jennifer Boysko (D) and Del. Rob Bell (R), joined forces to ask Envigo to give up these dogs and put them up for adoption. (It warms my heart to see both sides of the aisle working together!)

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Adoption is the only option for these loving dogs.

As a personal aside, seven years ago I adopted a beagle from Cville ASPCA. She came into my life when we both needed each other very much. Before her adoption, she lived in abominable conditions, was underweight, sick, traumatized and infected. But we worked together to create a happy home. She was a perfect companion…smart, funny, loving, loyal and sensitive.

I thank Senators Stanley, Boyosko and Del. Bell for their leadership on this file.

(PS: Remember, products that don’t say “No Animal Testing” are culprits.)