New ‘Hops & A Hayride’ event is coming to Clarence

Buffalo loves a good drinking event.

I mean, we have a party at the Hamburg fairgrounds and let everyone try hundreds of beers and the tickets go crazy.

People love beer here and Kelkenberg Farm is having another fun event this summer. ‘Hops and A Hayride’ will take place at the farm on Wednesday August 11, Wednesday August 25 and Thursday August 26.

Kelkenberg Farm has so many cool events for the kids, and it’s even better that we parents can go … without the kids. More information will be available soon.

Kelkenberg Farm

9270 Wolcott Rd, Clarence Center, NY 14032

Another field of sunflowers will open in western New York at the farm during the first week of August! Right after the sunflower field opens, there will be 2 calendar days for Butterfly Release Days!

The Kelkenberg farm will allow you these days to take a butterfly ready to be released and let it go to the sunflower field. These two days will be Saturday August 7 and Friday August 13. Again you don’t even need to bring anything, they will give you your butterfly when you get to the farm and you will release it right into the sunflower field. a great photo opportunity.

You also don’t need tickets or call ahead to take a tour! This is a question that many people have asked themselves. The farm is open from Wednesday to Friday 10-2 and on weekends 10-4! Reservations NOT necessary.

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