Mom and daughter buy tent after being rejected by 70 rentals

A mother and daughter in Queensland have been forced to take extreme measures in finding housing, after receiving 70 rental rejections and being shut out of the Sunshine Coast rental market.

Jayanne Hughes and her mother Dianne, 70, who is recovering from shoulder surgery, bought a second-hand tent to live in, in case they can’t find a rental in the coming weeks.

Ms Hughes is being forced out of the house she has lived in for almost 17 years, and although she has regularly requested rentals in recent months, she has been unlucky.

Jayanne Hughes and her mother Dianne may have to live in a tent if they can’t find a rental. Source: Facebook

Ms Hughes said she was “horrified” to live in the tent, adding that she was afraid to tell her mother.

“I don’t even know where to go with the tent and the two stretchers I bought,” Ms. Hughes said. News from the Sun Coast.

“I keep telling him it’s going to be okay, but I’ve been telling him for months.”

Applied for 70 properties: inspected three

The mother and daughter were only asked to inspect three of the properties they asked for in the Sunshine Coast and Gympie area and the Bundaberg areas.

“Before we even have a chance to review it, we get a message saying ‘sorry, an application has been accepted,'” said Hughes.

Ms Hughes earns too much to qualify for Housing Department help, and based on her own income and her mother’s board, her rental application is eligible for $ 350 per week.

Although she agreed that they will have to live in the tent with their two pets if no other options are available, Ms Hughes admitted that she worried about living without electricity or a bathroom for her mother.

“If we are homeless, I want to go to a safe, well-lit place near the toilet for my mother.”

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