Missouri man shares video of bear he saw in Mark Twain forest

A man from Missouri recently shared video of a bear he encountered in the Mark Twain National Forest and showed exactly how you safely handle the sight of a top predator in the wild.

Have you noticed that there have been an increasing number of bear sightings in Missouri? This is exactly what the Missouri Department of Conservation predicted earlier this year. As people and bears get closer, it’s important to understand how you handle a situation like this.

Based on the video description, this man recently came across this large animal in the Mark Twain National Forest. Watch what he’s doing up close because it’s almost the right way to do it.

The fact that this guy spoke to the bear in a calm but firm voice shows that he understands the backcountry. The last thing you want is to surprise a bear. This is when attacks are most likely to occur. Often times, a bear that notices you from a distance will take a closer look out of curiosity, but will rarely trigger an attack unless you are near one of its food sources and / or have cubs nearby.

The area this guy saw the bear in is approximately here.

Google Maps satellite view

It’s crazy to think that we are seeing more and more bears just southwest of the St. Louis area. But, when you have beautiful forests that see more bears making habitat, those times will continue to happen.

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