Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Flails on the Joe Rogan Podcast

forget it devastating reviews from the video game press, the cringe-worthy digital “selfie” and the noticeable lack of legs – Mark Zuckerberg wants you to focus on the promise of the metaverse. The founder of Facebook, today Meta Platforms Inc., appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast on August 25, unintimidated by the recent mockery aimed at Horizon Worldshis company second life copycat, and determined to showcase the benefits of spending hours with the equivalent of a smartphone strapped to your face.

In addition to giving Rogan an early version of the company’s next headset, known as Project Cambria, Zuckerberg also used the interview to attempt some kind of personal rebranding designed, it is assumed, to align with his decision to focus his attention on virtual and augmented reality. During his nearly three-hour interview with the comedian and mixed martial arts commentator, Zuckerberg — the classics geek and coding whiz — introduced himself, improbably, as a gym rat obsessed with games. combat sports. He introduced himself as a three-sport college athlete, proclaimed a newfound love of jujitsu (he had hired one of Rogan’s friends as a coach), and, looking nothing like a billionaire who had adopted a pass- time to impress a talk radio host, said that among his favorite pastimes was “just wrestling with friends. It’s awesome.