Madonio Family Trust helps APL with neglected horses

By David E. Dix

The Portage Animal Welfare League recently received a $ 1,000 donation from the Madonio Family Animal Welfare Trust, Chas Madonio of the Brimfield Insurance Group told me earlier this week.

The money, Chas said, was intended to help pay for expenses incurred by the Portage PLA, which rescued six abused and starving horses discovered at a Portage County location a few weeks ago.

There was an appeal to raise money for the care of hungry horses and the Madonio Family Animal Welfare Trust responded, with its $ 1,000 from the proceeds of the Dog Days of Summer event the Madonio family is holding in the city center. of Kent each year in August. The most recent version drew around 3,000 people downtown and was the most successful ever.

Sadly, one of the rescued horses died, weighing almost 400 pounds less than it should have been at the time of the rescue. The horses are now in the care of FOCUS Rescue and Rehabilitation, which has an address in Mogadore and directs inquiries to the Portage Animal Welfare League.

Chalan Lowry, executive director of Portage APL, said the five surviving horses were on the mend. She said their teeth were floated, which allows the horses to eat properly. Their hooves are cared for and veterinary assistance, nothing cheap, is offered.

David E. Dix

“We had to transport one of the oldest horses to the state of Ohio to be neutered,” she said. “We are grateful for the continued support of the Madonio Family Animal Welfare Trust. “

Rehabilitating horses will take time, especially for two who were severely malnourished. Lowry said an effort will be made to find a good home for the horses when they are healthy. An investigation into how horses have become so neglected is underway.

In addition to Portage APL, Madonio Family’s Animal Welfare Trust also benefits Rose’s Rescue, Portage County Dog Warden, Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Paws in Motion pet food delivery program carried out in collaboration with Family & Community Services, and other animal health services and welfare causes as they arise.

Chas Madonio’s philanthropy casts a wide net. Since 1999, he has sponsored the annual Roosevelt-Ravenna football game, elevating the rivalry into something more special than it could be otherwise. The sponsorship consists of the Big “R” Trophy which goes to the winner each year.

It also involves co-sponsoring the Captain’s Lunch with UH Portage Medical Center in Ravenna on the Wednesday before the Friday night friendly. Invitation lists include football team captains, cheerleader captains, group captains, school and community leaders, and Chamber of Commerce leaders from both cities. The event strengthens the community spirit in both cities and offers a wonderful memory to the young people who participate.

David E. Dix is ​​a former editor of the Record-Courier.

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