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Since 2017, Alpine View Pet Rescue has been helping Wheatland County rehabilitate and find new homes for rescued and abandoned dogs. Now they need your help.

Due to increased financial stress, returning to work after the lifting of Covid-19 regulations, and many other reasons, Alberta shelters are impacted by high capacity and low adoptions, and Alpine View is not different.

Kyla Janes co-owns Alpine View Pet Spa and helps run it alongside her husband. She explains the need for locals to start fostering.

“Fostering right now is super important because a lot of our rescues are currently overwhelmed with surrenders, and so we’re full at home right now for admissions. If you can accommodate a dog, he can sit on a couch and sleep in a house instead of a boarding house, where he doesn’t get as much personal attention. All they need is to have a home to love them.

Janes also wants to see a particular rescue resident be adopted or fostered as soon as possible. One of their dogs, Munchkin, arrived at the shelter in poor condition. She was overweight, had torn tendons and mobility issues and no one could come near her for a week. However, after a little love and good exercise, she is ready for a home.

“She’s the sweetest female dog, she’s social and she deserves the biggest couch to live on for the rest of her life, she’s five years old, her mobility is excellent, she runs and plays and she really needs a new house.”

Despite or perhaps because of recent capacity issues to their rescue, Alpine View is looking to expand its service.

“Our next step will hopefully be to get grants and do some fundraising to build a new building so we can help take in more dogs and have a separate facility for them. We also want someone “one who is on site full time for the rescues. That way they get a bit more one-on-one care. We’re also looking to start a support dog program. We’re going to be taking our rescue dogs and doing a certification of good canine neighbor so that they become very good, healthy dogs in the community and bring them to the hospital and stuff like that so that we can also help rehabilitate humans like dogs.

In addition to rescue and spa services, Alpine View also offers training, which Janes is happy to share with locals.

“We work with a lot of that aspect of responsiveness and socialization for pets that have been isolated during times of COVID. So if people are experiencing those behaviors at home, we’re more than happy to help. help with those things. And we offer boarding for the cats now too.

If you are looking for a new furry companion or just want to give an adoptive dog a couch to sit on for a while, don’t hesitate to contact Alpine View Pet Spa and change your life. an animal for the better. You can find more information on their website or on Strathmorenow.com in the Adorable Adoptables section.

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