Lobby Blaine to ban pet stores from selling puppy mill puppies

Community members and aid organizations are calling on the town of Blaine to stop selling puppy mill puppies in pet stores.

In a shelter to kill, Maverick just needed a chance, and he got it with the Backes family – just like his sidekick, Kona.

Now Kelly and NHL star David Backes are fighting over other dogs as they push the town of Blaine to pass what they call a cruelty-free pet order. The change would ban pet stores from selling puppies, many of which say they come from puppy mills.

“The conditions can be horrendous in these puppy mills and stay in a sort of government guideline where they can be stacked on top of each other in cages. Some never touch the grass their entire lives,” Backes said.

Angel’s Pet Store in Hudson, Wisconsin, joins the effort. For six years Angel Duratti sold puppies, but that stopped 11 years ago.

“It hurts the heart,” Duratti said. “It gets really, really painful to be able to go to the consumer – and you want them to be able to trust you – and you can’t even trust the dog health that you are getting,” she said. .

Duratti hopes the dozen Minnesota stores that still sell puppies will follow his lead by selling products, services, and hosting adoption events that save the lives of dogs, cats, sugar gliders, and more. homeless animals.

She said if you’re worried about your results, don’t. Business has actually grown because now, instead of puppy mills, they are teaming up with rescues that attract a lot of customers.

“We took a chance,” Duratti said. “Luck paid off. We turned to the paper, put out some big ads to let everyone know that we were no longer selling puppies, that we were becoming human and that the future was saved for us.”

So far in Minnesota, the towns of Roseville, Eden Prairie, St. Paul, Carver and Cloquet have passed humane pet store ordinances.

The Backes family grew up in Blaine and are hoping the town they love is added to this list.

Whether pet stores should be able to sell puppies in the town of Blaine still has a long way to go. Currently, some members of the municipal council who are part of a workshop have simply agreed to talk about it in the future. What happens after that is not yet known.

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