Letter to the Editor: Support Goldie’s Act | Winchester star

The Goldie Law was introduced in Congress to help protect dogs from puppy mills. He was named after a dog known as Golden Retriever #142 who was raised in a USDA licensed puppy mill in Iowa, where she died after months of extreme neglect.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for enforcing animal welfare law. The USDA over the past few years has not done its job. Instead, they chose to change their policies to allow their inspectors to either document violations separately from official inspection reports, or not to document such violations at all. The result? Cruel breeders are not punished or deterred from continuing to breed puppies and adult dogs out of neglect.

Goldie’s Act (HR 6100) is necessary legislation in response to the USDA’s dismal failure to enforce animal welfare law. The bill will require more frequent and meaningful inspections, confiscation of dogs in pain, monetary penalties against licensees who violate the law, and would require the USDA to share information with law enforcement. Right now, dogs in poorly run facilities have no hope of being rescued by any agency that is supposed to protect them.

Please show compassion for dogs like Goldie and ask your federal representative to co-sponsor Goldie’s Law (HR 6100). In our immediate area, neither Jennifer Wexton nor Ben Cline have signed on to co-sponsor and I ask them both to please do so, alleviating the suffering of innocent animals.

Robin Lynch