Letter: The need for animal aid remains great | Opinion

To the Editor – Thank you very much, Herald-Republic staff, for your many years of kindness and animal welfare coverage.

I joined the Board of the Humane Society in 1971 and served for over 20 years. I was secretary, then president, for part of the time the new shelter was being built at the Greenway.

When I started serving, the refuge was in an old Quonset hut on First Street. We struggled, but we had compassionate and hardworking people on our staff and on our Board of Directors. We have worked for years saving money for a new shelter, educating about humane care, saving and finding good homes for animals.

People often complain about problems with animals. It’s also a people problem, because far too many people still give up on their pets. The poor animals have no idea where they are and depend on humans for their survival.

Like many other animal lovers, I continue to save. Too often we find animals starving, sick and in need of veterinary care.

The Humane Society and other relief groups are compassionate people who continue to struggle with issues of ignorance, neglect, and abandonment. They all do a fantastic job. Please continue to support them with donations and be a responsible pet owner!