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Each week, we’ll bring you some of the most adorable and adoptable pets available at our partner shelters in central and southern Minnesota. Join us live at 8:20 am on Friday mornings as we bring them to you live on the all new 1260 and 965, Classic Hits KDUZ, presented weekly by Custom Stone Interiors of St. Cloud.

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Heart of Minnesota Animal Center Phoebe

We would like everyone to meet Phoebe, you come weighing 36 pounds and are 5 years old. SHE IS a Jack Russell Terrier. She can sit up, shake, and we work on lying down. She loves women, but is a little afraid of men, especially with a hat. She is trained at home !! She can be very careful so you have to take it slow, but she is a sweet girl and she just needs a lot of love.

To learn more about Phoebe, click here

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Ruff Start Dog & Cat Rescue – Pandora

Hi everyone, I am Pandora! I am a two year old Shepherd from Texas. That’s right – a sweet southern girl. True to my roots, I am a friendly, laid back and easy going girl. I love dozing in my bed, hanging out outside, and going for long walks in the park. I sleep through the night, know my basic commands and get along with everyone except cats as I don’t have much experience with them. Although I find the toys a bit boring, I like to play splashing and swimming in the water… Just call me Minnesotan now! I can’t wait to find my forever home here in the Land of Lakes. Is it you?

Pandora is a mix of 39-pound and 2-year-old female shepherds. For more information on Pandora and how to adopt it, click here

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Hawk Creek Animal Shelter – Jax

This is Jax, a one-year-old Bulldog / Shih Tzu mix. He is as loyal as can be once you are his person. Jax is motivated and loves chasing tennis balls. He learned many commands, such as: sit, shut up, drop, lift, walk, and more! He is very bright and eager to learn. He’s a selective man, and it will take the right person who has the patience and the will to sit on the floor with him to gain confidence. He does best with women, but you’ll have to take it slow. We prefer him to go to a house with teenagers and more because of his uncertainty about new people. He loves to play with other dogs and looks forward to having warm knees to snuggle up to once he’s tired.

For more information or to view Jax’s biography on Petfinder.com, click here.

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Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARCH) – Contesse

Meet Contesse! She thought she was home, then mom and dad suddenly got upset, fighting each other, then daddy was gone, and like most kids, that left Contessa confused, uncertain and alone …
When Contessa chooses her person, she falls head over heels, loves with all her heart and will be as faithful as the day is long.

The MARS trainer worked with her to help her understand that just because mom and dad are no longer there, that love still exists in the world and she is, and always will be, okay with it. Through his works he painted her to help the world understand her beauty, her love and to honor Contessa.

Are you the new rock & person from Contessa to love and count on? She will give you all this and more! To complete the adoption application, please click here.

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Heartland Animal Rescue Team (HART) – Sunny

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sunny!

Sunny is about 2 years old, neutered and looking for her furry family. If you would like to meet Sunny, or find out how she can be a part of your home, click here.

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Tri-County Animal Shelter – Kona

Kona wants to get a house back soon! This one year sterilized Black Lab mix is ​​full of energy, so it will need a lot of exercise and play time to keep it from being mean! Kona has a high prey count and shouldn’t go into a house with cats or other small animals. He gets along with other dogs but sometimes plays a little too brutally! Kona LOVES being outside; he would like to have a fenced yard where he has plenty of space to run around and places to sniff.

Kona knows basic commands such as’ sit ‘,’ stay ‘,’ leave ‘and’ lie down. This smart boy is eager to learn more! (A trainer and / or obedience classes can help Kona gain confidence.)

To learn more about Kona, or to meet this handsome guy, please click here.

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MN’s Underdog Pet Rescue – Calen

Minnesota Underdog Rescue would like everyone to meet Calen.

Calen needs another dog in the house for socialization and would love to have a fenced in yard to be his goofy adorable self! This is an incredibly beautiful and goofy mixed Shiba Inu / Husky puppy who is super friendly, cuddly and active. He is a happy, energetic and outgoing puppy! He is a very smart boy who loves to learn new things and would really love a forever home with someone who will shower him with lots of love, care and start an obedience class with him.

To learn more about Calen, or to meet this handsome dude, head over to his full bio and puppy app on our site by clicking here.

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Pet Haven from Minnesota – Charlotte

Charlotte is a fun, happy puppy who needs a family that can provide her with lots of love, attention and structure. This smiling girl is very silly and will keep her new family entertained with antics. She is insanely sweet and some of her favorite playmates are kittens! In fact, she has two foster cats that she would love to come with her if she is adopted!

Charlotte loves cuddling, playing with other dogs, kittens and puppies! She loves to steal toys from resident cats in her foster home and can entertain herself by throwing away their little toys for hours on end. She is very easily aroused and will show off her amazing vertical jumps when she can no longer contain them! She has energy and needs a lot of time each day to walk, run and play in a (fully fenced) yard. She would love a home with another confident, well-trained dog and cat companions. She would also be an excellent dog for agility training.

To learn more about Charlotte, or to meet this beautiful girl, please click here.

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Because each vote costs only $ 1.00 and it goes to our emergency control fund so we can say YES to help rescued pets in need of non-standard medical care. Most of these animals are in shelters and need care that shelters cannot provide. With your support, we can say YES to more of them!

The dog and cat with the most votes will have their name and images featured on Dual Citizen’s limited-edition Rescue Brew beer, released in mid-August.

Our Spokesmodel winners will have the chance to greet and mingle with their beloved fans at a Rescue Brew launch party at Dual Citizen Brewing on Thursday evening August 12 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m..

The free outdoor celebration will feature live music from the Mark Cameron Band on the Dual Citizen Patio and a food truck barbecue from Aesop’s Table.

Be sure to mark your calendars for August 12th and join us for this summer celebration of our contest winners and the amazing Minnesota animal rescue community.

This FUNRASIER supports our EMERGENCY MEDICAL FUND for pets rescued by Pet Haven in need of non-standard care. Your participation will have a direct impact on our ability to say YES to more animals in need of help.

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Join us live every Friday morning as we feature an adorable adoptable pet, upcoming events and news for you and your pet. The Custom Stone Interiors pet patrol on the all-new 1260 AM and 96.5 FM, Classic Hits KDUZ.

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