K9 leader among those to be honored at Moses Lake Police ceremony

Brad Zook, Moses Lake Police Constable, Chief of K9 and Veterinarian Jesyka Morrison.

The Moses Lake Police Department will host a special awards ceremony on Tuesday to recognize personnel involved in a 2020 police shooting.

Among those to be honored will be retired K9 chief and his senior officer Nick Stewart. The Chief will receive the Star of Police Award and Stewart the Medal of Valour.

Stewart and Chief were pursuing robbery suspect Jose Rivera, 22, on foot on February 28, 2020, when Rivera turned around and shot Chief in the eye.

Stewart then shot and killed Rivera. An investigation later determined that Stewart acted appropriately during the shooting.

Also honored will be veterinarian Jesyka Morrison, officer Brad Zook and detectives Omar Ramirez and Curt Ledeboer.

Zook, another K9 handler, responded to the shooting and transported the chef to the Pioneer vet clinic, where Morrison provided life-saving first aid before she and Zook accompanied the chef to the vet school in the city. Washington State University, where his life was saved.

During the flight to Pullman, Morrison and Zook had moments when Chief’s deteriorating condition necessitated more lifesaving procedures.

Chief has since recovered, but the eye injury forced him to retire.

Morrison will receive the Civil Service Award and the Zook, Ramirez and Ledeboer Outstanding Service Awards.

The ceremony takes place at 6 p.m. at the Moses Lake Civic Center and is open to the public.