Ike, 2 months, is a big boy, but he would be perfect for your family

Raise your hand if, upon seeing an adorable puppy, you immediately have to fight the urge to grab his face and start talking in a silly baby voice. Just me?

It’s Ike. Ike is just over two months old but already a big boy. Look at those legs.

TSM/Chelsea Rose

TSM/Chelsea Rose

Ike is currently at the Southwest Michigan SPCA with a few of his littermates, but he’s ready to find his forever home. He should do great in any home, whether you have other pets, kids, or just you… he’ll fit right in.

As a reminder, he is a puppy so he will need a lot of attention and training too. If you are interested in adopting Ike, just stop by or contact the Southwest Michigan SPCA today. If Ike is already adopted by the time you read this, don’t worry. The SPCA currently hosts a lot of animals that need new homes. Speaking of which, it’s spring which means puppy and kitten season for the shelter.

To prepare for the number of baby animals that will be coming to the SPCA, they will be hosting their 6th Annual Puppy & Kitten Shower this Saturday (4/16).

Join the SPCA from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for a free family event. Just like a human baby shower, there will be cakes, raffles, games, and prizes. All they ask for is a donation tied to a puppy or kitten. This includes things like:

  • Regular Dawn Blue Dish Soap
  • Kitten/puppy formula
  • Kitten/puppy food – wet and dry
  • Gift cards
  • Non-clumping cat litter

And more. See the full list of requested donations and full details on the upcoming event here.

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